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"Double One - Second to None"

2004 Renuion

Our 2004 Reunion in Jacksonville, FL

We had a great time in Jacksonville this October. Our group enjoyed friendship, food and tours over a long weekend as we shared memories, talked about "old times" and got caught-up with friends we had not seen for years. Here are some photos from the reunion.

Jim Aldrich & Jerry Snuffer
John and Delores Charles
Shirley and Tom Oliver
??? and Herb Marsh
Don Cannell
Bob and Betty Bell
Jack Hilton
Audre Cannell and Deanna Rumney
Betty and Roger Washington
Jane Fickling, Jack Hilton and Tom Flicking
Jane and Tom Fickling
Sam Morano
Marion Savage, Bob and Betty Bell
Gary McCluskey
Fred and Sandra Bartholomew
Elaine and Loren Wagner 
Kathy and Phil Newcomb
Helen and Gus Karafotis
Mike Smegal and Bob Rumney
Sandy and Gary McCluskey   
Fred and Sandra Bartholomew   
Joe Busch and Peggy Yarbrough
Fred Troxel and Mike Smegal
Lee and Peggy Yarbrough
Chris and Paul Viergever
Peggy and Lee Yarbrough       
Joe Bush
Gus Karafotis, Curt Johnston, John Charles, Bill Lentz and Hilton Roberts
Malona Setzer, Claudia and Bruce Hermansen and Odell Setzer
John Charles
Chuck Sirmans
Gust Karafotis and
Bill Lentz
Curt Johnston, Roma and Fred Troxel
???, ??? and Jack Hilton
Bob and Betty Bell
Jim Aldrich, Marlane Hodgkiss, Jack Hodgkiss, Loretta Aldrich

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